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Sonshine Christian Academy After-School Program

Here at Sonshine Christian Academy your child has teh opportunity to participate in an afterschool program that will enrich thier academic expereince! Below is the outline of this afterschool program:

  1. Students will be provided with a snack before their tutoring session begins.
  2. All After-School Program attendees will be assisted with homework with particular tutoring focus on the following subjects:
    • English/Language Arts
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Phonics
    • Math
    • Science
    • Health
    • Social Studies
  1. Additionally, students will have the option of Arts & Crafts, a Health & Fitness Activity, and fieldtrips to work on after their homework time has been maximized.
  2. The cost of our After-School Program is $11.20 per day.

Daily After-School Schedule

Scheduled Time


Room Assignment

3:00-3:05 PM

After School Attendance Conducted

School Multipurpose Room (Cafeteria/Gym)

3:06-3:20 PM

Snack/Food Distribution

School Multipurpose Room (Cafeteria/Gym)

3:21-4:45 PM

Tutoring & Homework (Kindergarten-2nd Grade)


3:21-4:45 PM

Tutoring & Homework
(3rd-5th Grade)


3:21-4:45 PM

Tutoring & Homework
(3rd-5th Grade)


4:46-5:55 PM

Arts & Crafts Activity


4:46-5:55 PM

Health & Fitness Activity
(6th-10th Grade)

School Multipurpose Room (Cafeteria/Gym)

5:55-6:00 PM

Preparing for Dismissal & Parent/Guardian Pick-Up

School Multipurpose Room (Cafeteria/Gym)

After School Program Service Agreement

Cancelation policy: A family may be asked to discontinue in the program if their bill goes unpaid with more than $300 of unpaid invoices.

Hours of operation: Sonshine Christian Academy is open for business between 7AM-6:30 PM, Monday-Friday, except select holidays and internal professional development days.

Refund policy: If a family overpays in advance, their account will be credited for the moth following. Money will be issued, in check format, to families with unused credit by the end of the school year (May 28, 2024).

Payment schedule:

Program Price Factors:

  • $11.20 per day
  • $56 per week
  • $224 per month

Program meals & Snacks:

  • $3 per student per day
  • $15 per student per week
  • $60 per student per month

 Transportation Costs:

$5 per student per day

 Planned Field Trips & Outings:

$10-15 per student, depending on the field trip location list below:

  • COSI (STEM Learning)
  • The Nutcracker (ELA)
  • The State House (Social Studies)
  • Alice in Wonderland (ELA)
  • Columbus Zoo (STEM)


Important dates:

Sonshine Christian Academy will be closed on the following days:

  • 09/04/2023—Labor Day
  • 10/23/2023—Records Day
  • 10/30/2023—Professional Development Day
  • 11/20-24/2023—Fall Break (Thanksgiving Holiday)
  • 12/20/2023-01/02/2024—Winter Break (Christmas Holiday)
  • 01/15/2024—Martin Luther King Birthday
  • 01/16/2024—Records Day
  • 01/17/2024—Professional Development Day
  • 03/21/2023—Records Day
  • 03/22/2023—Professional Development Day
  • 03/29-04/05/2024—Spring Break (Easter Holiday)

Privacy policy: Sonshine Christian Academy will not collect more student information than needed. Information collected includes, but not limited to, emergency contact(s), medication list(s), food and textile allergies, along with individual educational plans to support the safe learning environments for each student. The data collected from families are kept secure in the school’s main offices.