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Faculty and Staff

Sonshine Christian Academy believes in hiring high quality teachers and staff members. But also just important our staff are also caring, and have a compassion for children!

Our Teachers

PreK 3 & PreK 4

Teacher Class Email
Tamula Roberts PreK 3 & 4 Director
Jessica Landberg PreK Staff



Teacher Class Email
Darlene Bell Kindergarten dbell@scaoh.us
Rachel Theiss 1st Grade
Debbi Denson-Kendrick 2nd Grade dkendrick@scaoh.us
Gail Lee-Clarkson 3rd Grade glee@scaoh.us
Kimberly Wallace 4th Grade kwallace@scaoh.us
Micaela Wilson 5th Grade
Ronald Hairston

6th Grade Homeroom Teacher (6th-8th

English Language Arts) & Spanish Instructor

Dr. John Tyus 7th Grade jtyus@scaoh.us
Jennifer Brown 8th Grade Homeroom teacher (5th-8th Math) jbrown@scaoh.us



Staff Member Position Email
Dr. Davina Hicks Superintended dhicks@scaoh.us
Latasha Howard Assistant to the Superintendent lhoward@scaoh.us
Micaela Wilson Coloring and Classical/Jazz Music Elective Instructor
Parish Weatherspoon Teacher Assistant
Natalie Swartz School Nurse
Nancy Koeninger Reading Specialist
Debbi Duke Reading Specialist
Brian Norman Reading Specialist
Denise Williams Reading Specialist
Anthony Phillips Math Tutor
Tyrell Walker Instructional Assistant Staff
Mr Ellis Instructional Assistant Staff
Terra Weatherspoon Office Staff
Tomiko Johnson Office Staff
Vera Antwine Food Director
Camille Allen Food Director
Brenda Norman Kitchen Staff
Anthony Pullen, Sr. Bus Driver
Faythe Walker Bus Driver
Proactive Janitorial Cleaning Services Custodian Service


Christian Education

Pastorial Staff Position
Dr. Alfred Thompson Dean of Christian Education
Dr. John Tyus Clergy: Bible instructor
Pastor Art Combest Clergy: Bible Instructor
Dr. Thomas Burns Clergy: Bible Instructor
Denise Ruth-Howard Clergy: Bible Instructor
Reverand Richard Hariston Clergy: Bible Instructor